First of all we would like to wish everyone a happy healthy new year and extend our grattitude for your continued support. All outstanding IN-STOCK orders from the past two weeks will ship this week, the Florida team has been in quarantine for the past twelve days battling a handful of covid cases.
The past year has been extremely difficult on us here at HOP. The pandemic situation has created several new challenges and obstacles in overseas production ranging from factory closures, to rising material costs and availability of certain materials, shipping containers, labor...the list goes on. We have several projects lined up that we would love to share but with the current uncertainty in delivery times we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. 
Having said all that, lets talk about the two elephants in the room. 
Mad Monster- the good news is that the figures are complete. 100% finished. The bad news is that we are still waiting for a shipping container to get them here, we will post updates about that as we receive them. The artist blanks from Kickstarter are en route to HOP HQ and will be sent out to the guest artists shortly. There will be a handful of blue and orange blanks available after we ship the kickstarter rewards and we will post them here on the site when they become available. There is also a newly announced Glow In The Dark limited edition available exclusively through our pals at Kaiju Live, 

GWAR- we wish we had better news but the situation hasn't changed with production delays. All of the blank and exclusive editions are finished but the standard painted figures are facing major delays. The factory, and not just our factory...this isn't just a HOP issue, its an EVERYONE issue...has been facing random government mandated power blackouts as they are prioritizing factory districts that produce "essential items" as they struggle to meet demand after several months of halted production. This is a bad time for toy companies producing in Hong Kong. The factory has been struggling with labor issues as many people have left to work in "essential" factories. Where they would normally have many skilled painters working on these project, they are working with a fraction of their normal work force. Keep in mind that these toys are 100% made by hand, the vinyl pigmentation, the vinyl casting, the trimming, the assembly, the painting...entirely by hand. These are NOT some cheap injection molded figures that take 20 seconds to produce by automated means. Under normal circumstances these would have taken around 90 days to produce and thats the timeline we were given when we started the project. The delays started hitting after we had already commenced production, we had no way of knowing about these things in advance. We appreciate your patience and we are slowly moving towards the finish line with these. They WILL be worth the wait. We have also sweetened the deal a bit by including an EXCLUSIVE premium official vinyl sticker set with every figure. 

10/14/2021     Production Delays
Hey Everyone, we have a bit of unfortunate news concerning both the Mad Monster and GWAR Oderus Urungus figures. We are facing delays on the factory end that are going to push back the release of both figures by another month, with the new ETA being late November. We appreciate everyone's patience as we crawl forward with new releases but there's just nothing we can do to speed things up. As we all know, this has been a crazy year for all types of manufacturing, not just toys. Factories are faced with new and unpredictable challenges concerning the global pandemic and supply/demand. We assure you they are working hard to meet our timelines and demands but they have requested more time. 
We have vinyl samples in hand of both figures and they are stunning so we can tell you they will be more than worth the wait. Stay tuned for further updates and as always thanks for getting High On Plastic with us. -H.O.P. Team